AF, British Land PLC

I was lucky enough to have support from both Miles and Jon over the course of my two year structured training programme – both were incredibly knowledgeable and provided tailored advice relevant to my experience and chosen competencies.

The revision sessions were run by Jon and were pivotal in my eventual success in the APC. The sessions were highly informative and interactive, in spite of being forced to shift to online seminars due to Covid. Jon gave clear advice around how to focus time and efforts, both with regards to the drafting of the Summary of Experience and Case Study, as well as how to revise for the assessment itself.

Additionally Jon was always completely up to date with the shifting ways in which the assessments were due to be run, in particular the changing rules around how additional materials could be used during the Case Study presentation. This gave me great confidence that I was preparing in the right way and avoiding any additional stress.

As a result of the information and advice given over the course of the Paperwork and Interview Preparation sessions, I felt very comfortable that I knew exactly what to expect at all times during the APC, which helped me to stay calm both before and during the assessment itself.

Overall, APC Success was instrumental in allowing me to perform to the best of my ability and in ensuring a positive result.